Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Paradise named "Club Noah"

Recently, My wife and I (plus our babies ) packed our bags and took off to take our long deserved vacation together. 

We went to a paradise resort named "Club Noah" in Palawan, Philippines.

It's one memorable journey into clear waters, fantastic beach, great food, superb service, privacy, and an experience of a lifetime.

This is the place where i've learned to snorkel. And by golly, i thought i'd never

Most importantly, it was a perfect birthday gift for my wife - Lyne. 

It's been a long time since we both had the private time together.

The Club Noah Staff prepared a birthday cake and sang "happy birthday" at the doorstep
of our Cabana.  It was just perfect!

Thanks to Professor Tommy Lopez, who made it all possible for me to discover this
paradise named "Club Noah".

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Close Encounters With Happy Slip

Last January, Ms. Christine Gambito a.k.a Happy Slip visited the Philippines.
I was privileged to be part of her entourage. 

Traveling with her for 14 days, from Manila to Bohol, Cebu to Boracay, and Palawan to 
Nueva Ecija.  Jeepney rides, Coaster trips, Airline flights, Tricycle bumps, Motor-boat wave like
ride, Speedboat buzz and Sedan cozy drive.

I was with Happy slip for her media press interviews, from early morning TV show guesting to the Hypnotic-like guesting at popular noon time show,  to the dazzling camera clicks and flashes of photo op, blitz-like blog interviews up to fans-clapping at her meet-and-greet events.

Up close. I saw her smile and yes, shed a tear. I witnessed her overflowing energy and how 
she can transform a routine-like day  into laughter filled-stomach-crumpling-hey-it's-a-happy-slip-day.

I felt her sincere attachment with her fans. 

One can really sense how much her fans mean to her.  She was always wanting to talk to every one. No matter how tired she was, she has this reserve strength always for her fans.

Being with Happy Slip is like taking a trip with Peter Pan going to Neverland. 

It felt like being around with Mickey Mouse at Disneyland.

I was like a kid all over again. It seems that my "cruel roller coaster" world of advertising stopped for two weeks. I was laughing, bubbling, inspired and beholden to Christine's world of Happy Slip. 

Happy Slip made me become a believer again - - that yes, Ed there's still good things amidst today's cruel world and that yes, old and weary Ed, dreams do still come true. At my stage in my advertising career, no one would ever believe me when i tell them of my dream of creating a Philippine campaign that will entail collaborating with a certified global internet celebrity! This Happy Slip campaign was a dream come true!

Maraming Salamat, Christine : - )

Monday, January 7, 2008

The Rocker In Me

After years of hibernation, i've finally found the apt time to unleash the hard core rocker in me!
Last December at the Euro RSCG Christmas party 2007, i went bazooka!
Man, it sure felt great!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

A tribute to JFK

Last night,  I chanced upon a DVD copy of  Robert Groden's documentary "JFK : The case for conspiracy".  I have always been a JFK fan dated way back when i was still a kid. 
I used to browse over the many Jack Kennedy books of my mom, staring for hours at the various snapshots of the man, whom many believed was a visionary way ahead of his time. 
I recall at that tender age, i was moved by the captions and photos of his funeral. The picture of  little JFK Jr's salute as the carriage of his father passed by, the black horse without a rider, flag-covered coffin, the solemn funeral march were all images of the greatness that was JFK.
It was only during my college days, where i began to discover the political side of Jack Kennedy. His charisma, his trailblazing partnership with his brother, bobby, leading up to the civil rights movement, bay of pigs and the missiles of October.
Looking back, i seem to have idolized him as i found myself actively involved in student council politics - with the burning passion of wanting to make dramatic changes in campus government.
In spite of my fascination for JFK, i only have 2 books and 2 films about his life and death.
I think I've watched Oliver Stone's  film "JFK" more than any other films I've seen in my lifetime.  It was only in recent times that I've finally understood that greatness of his vision. 
His desire for peace and freedom sent shivers to the establishment. 
Jack Kennedy indeed was a man way ahead of his generation. 
Today is the 44Th death anniversary of JFK.
His dream of a better world was shot down on November 22, 1963.
My blog is my tribute to John F. Kennedy.
In the hope, that my children will get the inspiration to know more about the man and to continue to pass on the lessons learned for generations to come.

Lady in Red

Suddenly, she climbed on top of the table...and danced....weaving some sort of a magical spell....It seems all of us were hypnotized by her sway and moves......who is this lady in red?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New Blog; New Cat! Wow !

For as long as i can remember, i've always been a fan of my mother's writings. Because of my prodding, she has started blogging via her http://franklyfeminine.blogspot.com.

Sharing to the world her first entry - -


I'm a computer dummy and a certified cat lover. Its a horribly frustrating combination when one is trying to open a blog for the first time.I test my son's patience as I struggle to wade through an incredibly busy looking computerscreen loaded with mysterious icons and God knows what else..How can I concentrate when when my mind keeps wondering on that beautiful kitten. Do you think I have the "cat flu?" Is it full moon tonight?

You should see my daughter's cat.

See, I told you. I am supposed to be practicing my lesson on "how to open my first blog" and all I could think of is that beautiful, furry feline of mysterious origins. My son's wife insists "Bluey" is a Siamese Cat, but hey, you cat lovers out there...have you ever seen a Siamese Cat with light zebra stripes on her head and butt and only on those places? He sports a furry, furry tail that makes you wonder if one ancestor happend to be a fox! A cat with fluffy coat as soft as cotton and whiskers as long as a tiger cub? Call him by any other name but Siamese Cat.

We call him " Bluey De Ayala" Why? To begin, with he has eyes as blue as clouds on summer day and he walks with the air of a TRUE aristoCAT..hence, the monicer "De Ayala." He, he a cat to the manor born.

Now back to my nth attempt to open a blog. I guess all I needed was patience and baby talk...the kind of talk you use when teaching pre-schoolers.

Well, so far so good. I guess I have to credit my son for remembering his mom was afterall born on that time when all that was expected of an intelligent grade I pupil was to be able to read " I am Pepe, I am Pilar. This is Bantay our dog and he barks Bow-wow-wow

Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Gentle Bear

Rob Martin Murphy.

A former collegue. A friend. A gentleman.

He Flew all the way from Sydney, Australia to be my guest and speaker at the Boomerang Awards 2007. The 1st Internet and Mobile marketing awards in the Philippines. An event organized by IMMAP or the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines. An industry association which i take pride in co-founding this together with 15 other professionals.

A landmark of sorts as the 2 day event marked high powered attendees from almost all major players in the industry - mobile operators, media agencies, internet companies, content providers including foreign delegates and speakers from USA, Australia, Singapore and Japan.

With all the high powered speeches, breakthrough attendance and profile of delegates, media mileage generated by the event, it is that of Rob's time that i value the most.

For not only Rob's talk was the most simple and provocative of them all, it is his participation in the event that symbolizes the very essence of why the association was formed - - to become advocates of digital and interactive media.

Rob accepted my invitation not because of monetary gains nor the business exposure that may benefit the ad agency he is currently working for.

As a matter of fact, neither applies in his case.

He came to our shores as an advocate of creativity in the world of new technology.

And despite of the organizational hassles that he experienced and the option of attending a highly acclaimed awards night for the creative works he has done in Sydney, Rob chose to come to the Philippines.

His visit was his commitment in my advocacy of helping Filipinos excel in the global arena.

His short trip was about touching the lives of people. The hope of inspiring new creative heights among us.

He once said that night, " Even if i have to present to only one person. i don't mind at all."

There is more to Rob that my collegues in the association and the industry need to know in order to appreciate the kind of a man he is.

It is not his world class credentials that make Rob stand tall.

Nor is it the creative awards that he has won.

His best friend, Jaime, once told me, "Rob is a gentle bear".

Indeed, it is Rob's sincerity at heart that characterizes the man and the kind of creative guru that he is.

A trait that is rare in today's world and one that the younger, future generation should embrace.

I brought my son, Chito to attend the awards night and for him hear his Tito Rob talk.

In the hope that he too, whose aspirations seem to be in the creative field, will learn from the gentle bear.

Only time can tell if the tree of new creativity that the gentle bear has help plant in our country will grow.

However, one thing that i know for sure.

That the gentle bear has touched lives of people that matters most to me.

I can tell.

My son since then, gauging by how he is sharing his thoughts on the advertising he sees and his discoveries in the internet, was clearly inspired by the gentle bear.