Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My Inspiration

My children. Chito and Rachel. My inspiration why i created this site.... My life has been full of twists and turns...and have been working like a dog for as long as i remember. I just woke up one day and realized that my children have grown up...I discovered their friendster accounts by accident.... and soon dawned on me that they have come to consider the internet as their friend of sorts... and seemingly have come to learn about things,that as a father i should have taken the responsibility to teach them...i observed that they have come to shape their own impressions about life...very much influenced of what they have learned and processed in the internet. It was a painful realization for me...that i have missed many important stages of their growing childhood. I am trying my best to make up for lost time. And am taking it one day at a time. So far, it seems to be paying off. My son and i have begun to bond together..and am slowly discovering Chito for the man he is growing up to be and not as someone that i "want to him be"...I have opened my arms to my daughter, Rachel. Embracing her for all her shortcomings...for i know that all her mistakes in the past was a result of my absence as a father....and i should never fault twinkle toes ( nickname i fondly called her when she was 5 years old) for that stage of her life. It seems that as i write this blog, that the internet has now taken a different role in my life..from a cold, statistical data as a communication platform...into one that i can openly share my thoughts, my shortcomings in life, and a therapy of release the emotional burden that i carry. Now, it seem that i am beginning to understand on why the internet has evolved to become a close friend of my children.


rachellemr said...

What a nice and inspiring blog. Family keeps you grounded, and they don't have much of a choice too so they kinda stick with you! :-D All the best on your new digital journey.

Sentispeak said...

Hey Ed!
Rachel mentioned that you were blogging. Great to read your thoughts. Isn't it great to be able to say what you want without having to see the response in another human eye :-)